Special Programs

Dental Partnerships and Other Professional Associations

We have developed a thorough program for assisting dental, medical, and other professionals determine whether the partnerships they are considering entering meet their personal and professional needs.  This program offers clear results and pragmatic suggestions in order to assist these professionals in making strong hiring decisions.

Using outside selection consultants assists in maintaining objectivity in the evaluation and hiring process.  Many professionals find that they have already begun to feel committed to and enthusiastic about candidates before they reach the core of the selection process.  Consequently, it is more difficult for them to remain truly open-minded to identifying and considering candidates’ developmental needs as well as possible difficulties that may arise in a partnership arrangement.

This process also provides for consultation on a range of office needs such as teamwork, partnership interactions, and management practices.  In this way, information gathered from the evaluation process can be productively used to enhance working relationships.

Mediation and Negotiation

We assist organizations in a number of employment-related negotiation and mediation situations, helping participants to sort through their positions and determine where effective compromises can be made.  In addition, we work with attorneys and with couples and families as a whole to assist in resolving disputes over personal matters.  Our psychological training assists us in helping to de-escalate tense situations and to get to the root causes of problems.  As a result, we are able to help people to think through issues in a rational and practical way in order to achieve resolution, often more rapidly than they were otherwise able to do.

Family Businesses

Family businesses often experience unique challenges because of the complex relationships that exist both within the family and with non-family employees.  We assist organizations in sorting through these dynamics in a variety of ways.  We provide consultation on everything from management issues to succession planning to dispute resolution.  Because of our extensive experience in working with family-owned and run businesses, we are able to share insight about which procedures work best, how to address power differentials, and how best to structure complex working relationships.  We offer an objective outsider’s view of how to separate personal issues from important business considerations so that decisions can be made that benefit both the family and the business.