Organizational Development

Organizational Development and Effectiveness

Martin-McAllister’s psychologists work with organizations to assist them in conducting organizational audits, which are comprehensive reviews of the operation as a whole or of a division. We generally strive to enhance communication among employees, strengthen decision-making skills, and assist managers in expanding their skills. In addition, we assist in altering work-flow systems or organizational structures and modifying employee selection, promotion, or training practices.

Succession Planning

We utilize a systemic, enterprise-wide approach to succession planning to ensure that talent is aligned with the organization’s purpose, strategies, and goals. We help organizations to not only identify high potential individuals but also to identify gaps in their talent pipeline. Our assessments give individuals a guide for their development, thereby helping to accelerate growth and foster the implementation of the succession plan. We help to anticipate future contingencies and to develop action plans with which to meet those unfolding needs. The result is a dynamic plan that evolves as organizational strategy develops.


Once you have the right people in place, training helps to maximize people’s potential and to sharpen their skills and abilities. The availability of training opportunities has also been shown to be a key factor in promoting employee satisfaction. We assist our clients in developing their talent by providing training on various topics, including change management, creative problem-solving techniques, communication skills, and conflict resolution. We routinely devise training modules to meet specific client needs. Our training workshops provide individuals with practical and innovative ways to handle the challenges they face.

Team Building

Ensuring that teams work well together is critical to success in today’s interconnected world. Team building can help individual team members work through specific conflicts with one another or can be used to address broader team dynamics. Team building may assist in overcoming obstacles that are impeding progress or productivity, or it may simply be used to renew a sense of shared excitement among team members and to imbue them with a directed sense of purpose.

Climate and Culture Consultation

Taking the pulse of your organization on a regular basis assists in keeping turnover low, and it provides you with the opportunity to be proactive in addressing issues and challenges. It also helps you to assess the impact that change initiatives have on morale. In addition to conducting employee satisfaction or climate surveys, we work with specific teams or divisions to help organizations understand the dynamics at play within groups. Once climate or cultural issues are identified, specific suggestions are provided about what steps to take to address the concerns identified in the environment.

Management and Executive 360° Surveys

Organizations commonly use a 360° feedback process as part of the development of their employees. These surveys are either included as a portion of a developmental evaluation for an individual or are used as part of a group’s team growth. We design surveys to meet the specific needs of an organization or a subgroup within the organization. For self-evaluation, the instrument is provided to each individual seeking feedback. The survey is also provided to the person’s manager, several peers, and, where appropriate, selected subordinates.