Executive Board/Consultation

Executive and Board Guidance

Top-level executives often seek expert advice from Martin-McAllister psychologists regarding leadership-related challenges that they are facing. In this regard we serve as sounding boards, and we facilitate the executives’ development of strategic plans. We respect their experience and capabilities, and we do not presume to direct their decisions. Instead, we view our role as assisting those leaders in sorting through issues and in identifying and evaluating prospective approaches.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Talent Audit/Management Due Diligence

We help to ensure that the right people are in place to lead through organizational transformation and stimulate profitability. Deals that integrate organizations can quickly lose their value if care is not taken to properly assess, align, and accelerate the leadership team’s performance. Our process helps combined entities to enhance value for equity partners and employees, alike.

We evaluate key individuals and the leadership team as a whole to be certain that talent and the strategic vision of the new organization are aligned. After conducting a comprehensive talent audit, we use the findings to assist the senior leadership team in delivering on stated business goals.