Coaching and Individual Development

Individual Coaching

Coaching and individualized development activities are an integral part of the developmental services that Martin-McAllister provides to our client organizations. Our program includes working with leaders on a one-to-one basis and with work groups as a whole.

Our approach to coaching is characterized by pragmatism, and coaching conversations and activities are related to particular job demands that are likely to be encountered by the participant. We encourage people to employ active learning processes by focusing on specific skill development in between coaching sessions. We encourage people to view their growth opportunities in a comprehensive and strategic light.

Transitional Counseling and On-Boarding

We offer transitional counseling services both to employees who are new to an organization and to employees who will be leaving. We assist individuals in learning how to gain key information regarding the organization and how to be effective within it. We also assist employees who are leaving positions in sorting through and confronting their feelings and in identifying next steps to help them move on successfully.