Career/Vocational Services

Career Counseling

Our career counseling services offer in-depth career information, strategies, and resources to support individuals in their career development and to help them successfully navigate a job or career transition. We work to help job seekers of all levels, from executives to entry-level candidates, increase their understanding of how they fit into the work world and to facilitate their finding the ideal career through psychological assessments and one-to-one conversations.

We guide our clients step-by-step through the career transition process, answer the myriad questions that surface in a career change, and help them to stay focused and motivated. Additionally, we assist in overcoming obstacles and in dealing with personal problems and issues that can interfere with career satisfaction. We also provide assistance with the nuts and bolts of job or career searches, including resume development, preparation for successful interviews, negotiating a salary, and building a network of contacts. Our helpful information, tips, advice, and resources are tailored to meet our clients' needs.

College and University Career Services Programs

We work with individual students and with college and university career services centers to assist graduates in securing the jobs that they seek.  Increasingly, as part of the job application process, new graduates are asked to complete psychological assessments and to go through comprehensive interviewing and job simulation activities that academic work alone has not prepared them for. 

We offer both structured training programs and individualized coaching to help students make the leap from undergraduate and graduate degree programs into the jobs that they seek.  Specifically, we work with students to study the organizations to which they are applying and help them profile the characteristics that will be most important to interviewers from those organizations, based on their cultural values.  We then help students to present themselves and their accomplishments in targeted ways in order to maximize their success in completing the application process and getting the jobs they seek.