Consulting Team
F. A. Q.

Norma DiLorenzo, Psy. D.
Licensed Psychologist

Norma DiLorenzo, Psy.D., received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in psychology from the University of Minnesota. She earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Minnesota School of Professional Psychology. While earning her doctoral degree, she assisted in teaching many graduate-level courses. She also gained a broad experience base working in a variety of settings with a range of clients, including those suffering from serious and persistent mental illness to children and adults with acute mental health issues. She acquired both group and individual client experience.

Prior to joining Martin-McAllister, she was employed at Lakeland Mental Health Center in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Her primary duties focused on assessment and therapy for various client populations. In addition, she was active as a community liaison for the center, particularly through making presentations on a range of topics related to mental health.

Her current practice focuses on talent management and on helping organizations to maximize their human capital. She routinely conducts pre-employment, developmental, promotional, and fitness-for-duty evaluations for both private and public sector organizations. She also provides individualized coaching for enhanced skill development, team-building, training, and consultation on a variety of issues. She has extensive experience working in the public safety realm with law enforcement, fire service, emergency medicine, and communications clients. She is called on regularly to conduct critical incident stress debriefings.