Consulting Team
F. A. Q.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Assessment Process

Are assessments tailored to the type of job, or is there one standard assessment procedure that every candidate completes?

Assessment processes are tailored to the type of job and to the preferences of the client.  There are certain components that are included in most types of assessments, but there are also elements that are added and subtracted based on each individual case.  The interpretation of the results and the report that the client receives are tailored to reflect the psychologist's assessment of whether the candidate is a good match for the specific position and organization for which she or he is being considered.

How do I introduce the assessment process to my candidates?

We suggest that candidates be assured that this assessment is one part of a much larger selection process.  The benefit of the assessment is to evaluate the probable degree of fit between what the individual candidate is hoping to find and what the organization is seeking.  We do not conduct "stress interviews" or formulate the process in any way to make people uncomfortable.  We do our best to make this process both comfortable and helpful for the candidates we see.

How soon will I be able to schedule candidates to be seen? 

We are usually able to schedule candidates within 1-2 weeks of a client's request, and we are almost always able to accommodate special rush requests.

Where are the assessments done?  Can psychologists travel to other cities or countries?

Assessments are typically conducted in our office in downtown Minneapolis.  However, we are also happy to discuss completing the process at the client's location or another site.  We regularly travel to other cities and countries.

How long will the candidate be in the office for the assessment?

The length of the assessment varies according to the type of assessment being conducted.  It is typical for candidates to be in our offices between 3 and 5 hours, depending on the type of assessment.  We are able to provide more specific estimates on a case-by-case basis.

What kinds of feedback will I receive after an assessment is completed?  How soon will I get the results?

The results of the assessment are provided in several ways.  When a pre-employment or promotional evaluation is conducted, the psychologist typically contacts Human Resources or the hiring manager within the next 24-48 hours.  A round-table meeting can also be scheduled to discuss the individual's strengths and developmental needs.  A written report is then prepared and delivered to the appropriate organizational representative.

Do my candidates get to see the results of the assessment?  How is feedback provided to the candidate?

The written report generated by the psychologist is the property of the client organization, and we will not provide copies of that report to candidates without the organization's consent.  However, candidates are entitled to feedback from the process, and we work with organizations to develop a feedback plan that meets each company's needs and preferences.

A majority of our clients ask that people who are assessed have the opportunity to return to Martin-McAllister for a feedback conference.  During this meeting, we discuss the results of the inventories completed, any work simulations in which the person participated, and the interview.  Developmental suggestions are discussed, and the coaching process is initiated.

Are selection assessments legal?

Yes, selection assessments have been found legal in a number of court rulings as a valid part of predicting success on the job.  Martin-McAllister takes careful action to ensure that our processes and tools meet legal and ethical standards.  We take pride in having never been challenged in court.

Does Martin-McAllister specialize by industry?

No, Martin-McAllister intentionally avoids specializing by industry.  We make a point of working with clients across the country that represent a wide range of industries, sizes, and organizational structures.  This approach enables us to maintain a broad perspective and to assist our clients in adapting best practices from other industries for use in their own areas.